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Today we’re going through a difficult situation globally. Many speak of a crisis—a powerful word. We firmly believe that words have the power to change reality; that’s why we’ve found a way to take power away from it. In Chinese, “crisis” is a word composed of two characters: “danger” and “opportunity.”

We like this way of looking at the word, which makes it more hopeful and motivating. That way, we make the best of a crisis, an opportunity, because a positive attitude is the first step, but we have to keep walking.

How do we do that?

First, by understanding the meaning of danger: While the current situation with COVID-19 has caused a market crash, too much uncertainty for investors, who are currently concerned about the weakness of several currencies against the U.S. dollar and the Euro. Added to this, the Mexican and global economy have been brought to a mandatory halt, and we’re all compelled to stay at home, “since there’s nothing else we can do at the moment.”

That’s what most people see, and that’s why “that” word gets thrown around so much.

Now let’s look at the opportunity, because it may not seem like it, but the real estate industry is presented with a great opportunity, and this is where we ask:

To grow or to break?

But think about it!

– The dollar getting stronger is an opportunity.
– The stock market crashing is an opportunity.
– Reduced interest rates are an opportunity.

With the right tools, the right product and the right attitude, this could be the biggest opportunity we have come across to invest in real estate and get unbeatable returns.

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Are you interested?

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