Buyers Packet

A Step by Step Guide

On your Buying process Journey

Jose and Laura Lopez

Real Estate Brokers

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What you should
know before you

Purchase a Home


hat you should know before you Purchase a Home.

Know what you want

To make sound decisions make a pro and con list. Do you want a home? Do you want a condo? Ensure you are shopping for a place that will meet your needs and your lifestyle



Check the actual value of any property you are planning to buy

Working with an agent that understands the market values in your area is critical if you want to avoid overpaying for your home.



Try to picture yourself in the home

When you visit a home for viewing, after analyzing all factors, try to see yourself living there, think about the facilities and the neighborhood and your lifestyle



Plan your furniture

If you have furniture you like, you will prefer bringing it with you. Try to analyse how it would fit into a potential new space.

Why the need for a Realtor?

Being buyer specialists we focus on helping people successfully find and purchase the homes they’ve always wanted. A professional realtor serves as your best resource while buying your home!

What else can we help with?

  • Educating you on the buying process and in turn saving you an endless amount of time and money.
  • We help with your property search, negotiation and transaction processes.
  • Saving you time regularly searching the market for affordable homes that meets your criteria.
  • Knowing the lenders in the area and help you understand the importance of being pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • View homes with you and provide comparative analysis.

Why Buy a home?

  • A home purchase is one of the best investments you can make.
  • Property Tax Deductions
  • Mortgage Reduction
  • Builds Equity
  • Capital Gain Exclusion
  • Cheaper than renting a house

Meet your 
Listing agent


I Strive to make your process completely trouble free. Your Home is the most important purchase you’ll ever make. Learning the process of how to buy a house can be challenging. Let me show you the process of buying a house go smoothly Bringing authenticity and transparency to every interaction, clients get the same. Taking pride in earning my clients trust, I’m is able to guide and educate clients through the entire Real Estate transaction process.

#1 Priority are my client’s needs!

Thinking about selling your house? We help you prepare your house, take professional pictures, do marketing and open houses, deal with the negotiations and documentation, and much more!



  • More than 25 years of experience.
  • Former president of Plano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Awarded realtor of the year of Exelencia Empresárial for 2022
  • Top of realtor of D Magazine of 2022
  • Member of National Association of Hispanic Real Estate NAHREP.




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Buying a Home

Buying a home represents a huge investment and also debt. A home buying process can be so exciting, but also stressful since there are several factors to consider and many decisions to make.

Hence it is crucial for you to have all the available resources necessary to make a well-informed decision, together with the time and the help of a realtor.

This packet gives you information that will be helpful during your transaction. We are able to provide you with expert consultation at each step of the buying process and help answer any of your questions.

FREQuently asked questions

Can I buy a home with no down payment?

The down payment is an essential part of your purchase. There are private lenders who offer mortgages with zero down, but the interest rate will likely be much higher and the cost to you will be much greater in the long run. This is generally not recommended while buying a home. Don’t cut corners and risk your home and investment. Save up at least five per cent of the purchase price, and consider reducing your home-buying budget to make it more affordable.

Home buying

Easy to follow steps for
home buyers



Speak with a lender
Analyze & address any credit issues
Determine your right mortgage

Home Shopping

Home Shopping

Discuss home requirements with an agent
Tour listings in your price range
Adjust your requirements if needed

offers & Negotiation

offers & Negotiation

Research and discuss homes with your agent
Finalize and submit an offer to the seller
Negotiate and sign contract

To do before closing

To do before closing

Home Inspection
Appraisal and Survey
Negotiate Repairs
Finish Loan process



Review closing statement
Sign Documents & Recieve Keys!!

While you apply for a Real
Estate loan

Here are some of the major rules you must consider
while you apply for a Real Estate loan


  • Do not omit debts from your loan application

  • Do not acquire any new credit cards

  • Do not buy any expensive furniture

  • Do not change banks

  • Do not splurge on expensive vehicles

  • Do not spend the money you have for your closing

Key factors that
can help you decide

The Location

Once you purchase your house, You can always have things inside changes but you cannot change your home’s location. When you go house hunting, consider location as an important factor to your home. Also consider factors like: Ease of access, Traffic noise and crowd, play areas, schools and public transportation.


The Site

Beyond location, look at the site of the home. Do you have lots of stairs to climb? Do the neighbors windows look directly into the home? Is the front yard suitable for kids or pets? Is access to the property safe regarding the curb driveway, or stairs to the front door?

Windows & Lighting

Do you love a bright sunny room or do you love privacy? Look at your potential home with light and sunshine in mind. Look at locations of electrical outlets. Will they suit your lighting needs?

The Kitchen

If a good kitchen is something you want most do not settle for one that won’t work well. Re-modelling is very expensive. Do not consider appliances but more of countertops and cabinet fixtures. 

Home Inspections

If you are interested in buying a house or newly constructed property, it’s recommended you have a professional home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection.

Why Inspection?

The reason behind the inspection is to report on serious problems that require repair. The seller might be willing to negotiate on cost or completion of repairs. You may also have an inspection conducted for Termites.

  • Plumbing            
  • Electrical             
  • Appliances           
  • Heating 
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Foundation
  • General Structure               


There are several factors to look at while considering your neighborhood. Here is some context you could put into perspective while choosing your home.



The Area

You may want to consider the areas you may enjoy, school district you might prefer, Your work location, your favorite convenience stores or some recreational facilities determine if the neighborhood matches your lifestyle and personality.


Check if there is noise from Railways, Public areas, schools too close by, Traffic patterns around the area on a daily basis, If the neighborhood belongs to a Homeowner’s Association, Access to major highways or shopping areas


Trusted Vendors

Services providers around you

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Marcy Perez

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Private Investors

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Hard Money Lender

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Monty Epps

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Credit Repair

Wendell Cox

Mortgage Credit Professionals

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Home Insurance

Luis Mercado

Goosehead Insurance

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Home Insurance

Brandon Thermilus

Sure Insurance

(972) 677-7141

Home Insurance

Rudy Velazquez

Reliable Inspection

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Home Insurance

Isel Valenzuela

EZ Home Inspection

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Home Insurance

Javier Marti


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Homebuyer, Grand Prairie, TX
APRIL, 2021

Jose and Laura are a great team, they will work with you all the way in your home buying process, I highly recommended.

Rogelio Rodriguez

Rogelio Rodriguez

Homebuyer, Mesquite, TX

Great experience. Laura and her team went above and beyond. We were first time homebuyers, Laura made the experience easy and stress free. Would highly recommend.



Homebuyer, mESQUITE, tx
december, 2021

My experience with Eco Agent Realty was GREAT!!! Laura Lopez and her son helped my husband and I purchase our first home. They were very attentive and informative about everything. If you are looking into purchasing a home I highly recommend working with them!


Want to see what it looks like working with me? Contact me today to see how I can help find your new home.

Having an agent you trust, values the relationship, is transparent but most of all communicates with you so you know what to expect makes all the difference in the process. Buying a home is fun and should not be stressful!