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Cypress - Town vs. County Stats

Cypress - Town vs. County Stats

Avg Price in Cypress: $396,200 / County Avg $482,900


Avg Taxes in Cypress: $6,600 / County Avg $7,800


Avg Sq. Ft. in Cypress: 3,136 / County Avg 2,674


Avg Price per/ft2 in Cypress: $126 / County Avg $181


Avg Walkscore in Cypress: 13 / County Avg 39


Avg Year Built in Cypress: 2008 / County Avg 1991


Avg Days on Website in Cypress: 63 / County Avg 76


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Areas in Cypress TX
Neighborhoods in Cypress TX
Absdt 226 J Duckworth
Alden Woods
Alden Woods 70s
Alden Woods Sec 1
Bahr Adam
Barker Lake Sec 01
Blackhorse Ranch
Blackhorse Ranch Sec 01
Blackhorse Ranch Sec 02
Blackhorse Ranch Sec 2
Blackhorse Ranch South
Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 01
Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 03
Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 04
Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 06
Blackhorse Ranch South Sec 5
Bonaire Sec 05
Bridgeland - Parkland Village
Bridgeland - Sheldon Lakes
Bridgeland 70s
Bridgeland Hidden Creek
Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 10
Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 15
Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 19
Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 20
Bridgeland Hidden Crk Sec 7
Bridgeland Lakeland Heights
Bridgeland Lakeland Heights Sec 6
Bridgeland Parkland Village
Bridgeland The Shores
Bridgeland Water Haven-Bridgeland D
Bridgeland-Lakeland Heights
Bundick M H
Canyon Lake West
Canyon Lakes West
Canyon Lakes West Sec
Canyon Lakes West Sec 01
Canyon Lakes West Sec 02
Canyon Lakes West Sec 03
Canyon Lakes West Sec 04
Canyon Lakes West Sec 05
Canyon Lakes West Sec 3
Canyon Lakes West Sec 3 & 7 Pt
Canyon Lakes West The Manor
Canyon Spgs Sec 09
Canyon Village At Cypress
Canyon Vlg-Cypress Spgs
Canyon Vlg-Cypress Spgs Sec 10
Cayon Vlg-Cypress Spgs Sec 10
Coles Crossing
Coles Crossing Sec 01
Coles Crossing Sec 08
Coles Crossing Sec 15
Coles Crossing Sec 16
Coles Crossing Sec 17
Coles Crossing Sec 25
Coles Crossing Sec 26
Coles Crossing Sec 28
Coles Crossing Sec 3
Coles Crossing Townhomes
Coles Xing Sec 29
College Park West Sec 2
Copper Bend
Copper Bend at Village of Indian Trails
Cove Sec 4
Creekstone Village
Cypress Bend Sec 01
Cypress Country
Cypress Country South U-R
Cypress Creek Estates
Cypress Creek Lakes
Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 02
Cypress Creek Lakes Sec 12
Cypress Crk Lakes
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 02
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 04
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 05
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 06
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 13
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 16
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 23
Cypress Crk Lakes Sec 4
Cypress Fields
Cypress Fields 3
Cypress Fields Sec 03 U-R R-P
Cypress Hollow Estates
Cypress Landing
Cypress Landing Park
Cypress Lndg East
Cypress Lndg East Sec 01 Amendi
Cypress Lndg East Sec 02
Cypress Lndg East Sec 11
Cypress Lndg Park
Cypress Lndg Park Sec 02
Cypress Lndg Park Sec 3
Cypress Mill Estates
Cypress Mill Estates Sec 01
Cypress Mill Estates Sec 02
Cypress Mill Estates Sec 03
Cypress Mill Park Sec 01
Cypress Mill Park Sec 02
Cypress Mill Park Sec 04
Cypress Mill Park Sec 05
Cypress Mill Sec 01
Cypress Mill Sec 03
Cypress Oaks
Cypress Oaks Sec 1
Cypress Oaks Sec 2
Cypress Point
Cypress Point Lake Estates 01
Cypress Point Lake Estates 05
Cypress Point Lake Estates Sec 01
Cypress Point Sec 02
Cypress Point Sec 04
Cypress Rdg Sec 03
Cypress Ridge
Cypress Spgs Sec 05
Cypress Spgs South Sec 01
Cypress Spgs South Sec 2
Cypress Springs
Cypress Village
Cypress Village U-R
Dowdell Woods U-R
Enchanted Valley Estates U-R
Enchanted Valley Sec 01
Enchanted Valley Sec 02
Enclave at Lakes of Northpointe
Enclave at Longwood
Enclave at Northpointe
Fair Meadows
Fairfield Chappell Ridge
Fairfield Chappell Ridge 02 Am
Fairfield Chappell Ridge Sec 4
Fairfield Fairfield Village South
Fairfield Garden Grove
Fairfield Garden Grove Sec 01
Fairfield Garden Grove Sec 02
Fairfield Garden Grove Sec 04
Fairfield Gardens Grove Sec 02
Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 01
Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 05
Fairfield Inwood Park Sec 07
Fairfield Village
Fairfield Village North
Fairfield Village North Sec 01
Fairfield Village North Sec 09
Fairfield Village North Sec 10
Fairfield Village North Sec 14
Fairfield Village North Sec 9
Fairfield Village South
Fairfield Village South Sec 02
Fairfield Village South Sec 03
Fairfield Village South Sec 09
Fairfield Village South Sec 11
Fairfield Village West
Fairfield Village West Sec 08
Fairfield Village West Sec 11
Fairfield Village West Sec 13
Fairfield Village West Sec 14
Fairfield Village West Sec 15
Fairfield Village West Sec 7
Fairwood Sec 03
Fairwood Sec 04
Falls at Dry Creek
First Bend
First Bend Sec 01
Gates at Canyon Lakes West
Gates-Canyon Lakes West Sec 1
Grant Meadows
Great Oaks Estates
Hayden Lakes
Hayden Lakes Sec 1
Hayden Lakes Sec 2
Hayden Lakes Sec 6
Hemwick Place Sec 01
Heritage at Towne Lake
Hidden Arbor
Hidden Arbor Replat 1
Hidden Crk Sec 3
Hidden Falls
Jacob Duck Worth Surv Abs 227
Jc Hutcheson A-1626
K-Z Corral Estates U-R
Kluge Lake
Kluge Lake Sub
La Paloma
Lake Cypress Estates U-R R-P
Lake Parc Estates
Lakeland Heights Sec 5
Lakes Fairfield
Lakes of Fairhaven
Lakes of Northpointe in the Enclave
Lakes of Rosehill Sec 01
Lakes Rosehill Sec 01
Lakes Rosehill Sec 03
Lakes-Fairhaven Sec 01
Lakes-Fairhaven Sec 02
Lakes-Northpointe Sec 02
Lakeshore at Towne Lake
Lakewood Forest
Lakewood Forest Sec 10
Lakewood Glen
Lakewood Glen Sec 02 R-P
Lakewood Glen Trls Sec 2
Lakewood Oaks Estates
Lakewood Oaks Estates 01 Amd
Lakewood Oaks Estates Sec 03
Lakewood Trails
Lakewood Trls
Lakewood West
Lancaster Pt Sec 01 Rep 01
Lancaster Sec 01
Lancaster Sec 1 Pt Rep 1
Lismore Lake Estates
Lone Oak Village Sec 03 Amd
Longwood Village
Longwood Village Sec 03
Longwood Village Sec 04
Longwood Village Sec 06
Longwood Village Sec 11
Longwood Village Sec 2
Longwood Village Sec 21
Marks Glen U-R
Mccann Wm
Mill Ridge North
Mirabella Sec 1 Amd
Mirabella Sec 10
Mirabella Sec 2
Mirabella Sec 4
Mirabella Sec 6
Miramesa at Canyon Lakes
Miramesa at Canyon Lakes West
Miramesa@Canyon Lakes
Northlake Forest
Northlake Forest Sec 02
Northlake Forest Sec 03 Amd
Oak Hollow Estates
Oak Landing
Oak Landing Sec 1
Oak Lndg Sec 01
Oakcrest North Sec 01
Oakcrest North Sec 03
Oakcrest North Sec 1
Oakcrest North Sec 5 Pt R
Oaks of Cypress
Paddock Sec 01
Park Creek
Park Crk
Park Crk Sec 01
Park Crk Sec 03
Park-Arbordale Sec 01
Parkland Village 40
Pine Creek at Canyon Lake West
Pine Creek at Canyon Lakes West
Pine Crk-Canyon Lake West 05
Pine Crk-Canyon Lakes West
Pine Crk-Canyon Lakes West Sec 1
Pine Crk-Canyon Lakes West Sec 7
Quail Forest
Quail Forest Sec 02
Ravensway Estates
Ravensway Sec 01 Reserve E
Ravensway Sec 02 R-P
Ravensway Sec 03 R-P
Regency Forest
Regency Oaks Condo Ph 02
Regency T H Condo Ph 03 03 Amd
Remington Grove Sec 01
Reserve At Cypress Creek
Reserve-Cypress Crk
Riata West Amd D #1
Robert Turner Surv Abs 767
Rock Creek
Rock Creek Sec 01 Prcl R-P
Rock Creek Sec 02
Rock Creek Sec 03
Rock Creek Sec 04
Rock Creek Sec 12
Rock Crk Sec 03
Rock Crk Sec 09
Rock Crk Sec 11
Rock Crk Sec 7
Saddle Ridge Estates
Saracen Park
Saracen Park 1 & Rp
Saracen Park Sec 01 R-P
Shaw Jone
Shores Sec 02 Rep 01
Shores Sec 1
Stable Gate
Stable Gate Sec 01
Stable Gate Sec 02
Stable Gate Sec 2
Stablewood Farms
Stablewood Farms North
Stablewood Farms North Sec 02
Stablewood Farms North Sec 06
Stablewood Farms North Sec 08
Stablewood Farms Sec 01
Stablewood Farms Sec 04
Stablewood Farms Sec 05
Stansbury Thos J
Stillwater Village
Sydney Harbour Sec 01
Sydney Harbour Sec 03
Sydney Harbour Sec 04
Tall Pines U-R
Tealbrook Sec 1
Telge Ranch
The Enclave at Lakes of Northpointe
The Preserve
Timberlake Estates
Tower Oak Bend
Tower Oaks Plaza
Tower Oaks Plaza Sec 03 U-R
Towne Lake
Towne Lake Greene
Towne Lake Greene Sec 1
Towne Lake Greene Sec 2
Towne Lake Greene Sec 3
Towne Lake Sec 05
Towne Lake Sec 09
Towne Lake Sec 10
Towne Lake Sec 17
Towne Lake Sec 22
Towne Lake Sec 3
Towne Lake Sec 42
Towne Lake Sec 9
Towne Lake Sec Forty
Towne Lk Sec 42
Towne Lk Sec 44
Tuscany Sec 01
Tuscany Sec 02
Tuscany Sec 03
Vill-Cypress Lakes Sec 15
Villages Cypress Lakes 01 Amd
Villages Cypress Lakes 02 Amd
Villages Cypress Lakes 03
Villages Cypress Lakes 06
Villages Cypress Lakes 07
Villages of Cypress Lakes - The Reserve
Villages of Cypress Lakes- Cypress Green
Villages-Cypress Lakes
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 05
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 07
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 09
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 10
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 12
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 31
Villages-Cypress Lakes Sec 8
Villages-Cypress Lks Sec 30
Villas-Canyon Lakes West Sec 2
Water Haven-Bridgeland Sec 04
Water Haven-Bridgeland Sec 5
Waynewood Place R-P
Western Trails
Westgate Sec 03
Westgate Sec 07
Westgate Sec 11
Westgate Sec 13
Westgate Sec 17
Westgate Sec 19
Westgate Sub
White Oak Spgs Sec 02
Wildwood at Northpointe
Wildwood At Oakcrest
Wildwood at Oakcrest North
Wildwood Oakcrest
Wincrest Falls
Yaupon Ranch Sec 04
Yaupon Ranch Sec 06
Yaupon Ranch Sec 3